Improve Productivity with NGAGE

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Improve Productivity with Ngage

Improving productivity through analytics requires a two-step solution. First, companies need to provide staff the tools and autonomy that allow them to perform their jobs effectively. Next, organizations need to continually measure and adjust around engagement. Companies with detailed information that reflect how users interact with applications will see what provides value and what just isn’t working. By adapting around this information, user adoption and engagement increase which leads to greater productivity and a higher ROI.

NGAGE was developed using the latest in business intelligence from Microsoft, leveraging Power BI and Stream Analytics. NGAGE provides a user population for each target application that harvests detailed, time-stamped information around each user’s interaction with the application. Using data warehousing backed by ‘Cube + Power Bi’ reporting technologies, interactive dashboards empower analysts by revealing user engagement with applications.

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A few key features of NGAGE include:

● Taking advantage of Microsoft’s Power BI platform to deliver stunning visuals and self-service reporting to any device.
● Real-time and alert reporting when a risk behavior is detected.
● Training tracking and change management initiatives in relation to any application.
● User behavior intelligence that can be broken down into detailed activity with on-premise and cloud-based systems.
● The ability to monitor additional systems including custom or third-party applications.

Maximizes the Benefits of NGAGE at Your Business

will help make life easier and reduce the stress that comes along with poor adoption and engagement. NGAGE provides detailed system and app usage reporting which allows your business to make the necessary shifts to increase productivity and provides cutting-edge intelligence for all your favorite Microsoft applications.

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