SharePoint Default CSS Not Loading? 5 Steps to Resolve the Issue!

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Is your SharePoint default CSS not loading?
Do you want to fix that, without the design of the site being distorted?
Follow these simple steps to resolve your issue!

1. Go to Site Settings –> Change the look


New call-to-action

2. Click on one of the themes

– Then you will be taken to theme details page where click on “Try it out”

– Then you will be taken to theme preview page where click on “Yes, Keep it”

Click on the theme of your choice

SharePoint CSS 2


Click on “Try it out”

SharePoint CSS 3

Click “Yes, keep it”

SharePoint CSS 4

3. Now to go Site Settings –> Master Page

SharePoint CSS 5

4. On the Master Page settings page

a. Change the master page in both dropdowns to “USAB/USAB”

b. Select “Reset all subsites to inherit this site master page setting” check box

c. Also select “Reset all subsites to inherit the theme of this site” check box.

d. Click OK

 Note: Same settings highlighted in red in below screenshot for reference

SharePoint CSS 6

5. Now the issue for site design getting distorted should be resolved.

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