Challenges Faced While Applying Cumulative Update on SharePoint Server 2013 (KB4484408)

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Challenges faced while applying Cumulative Update on SharePoint Server 2013
Challenges faced while applying Cumulative Update on SharePoint Server 2013 (KB4484408)

Recently I worked on a support ticket to apply the patch on SharePoint Server 2013. I know it sounds too old – SharePoint Server 2013 but there are still organizations out there using it. Though we have recommended them to migrate to SharePoint Online, until that decision is made, we need to provide the support for SharePoint Server 2013.

I faced the below challenges while applying the cumulative update June 2020, so I thought of documenting them so it could help others, though I got some of the help from forums and I have mentioned reference links at the bottom.
The installation of this package failed


1. So the SharePoint farm I was working with had one application (App) server and one web front end (WFE) server. I started installing an update on both servers, and it got installed successfully on an application server, but it failed on the web front end server with an error.


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“The installation of this package failed”

a. I looked into the logs usually found at location c:\…\AppData\Local\Temp\opatchinstall.log, but did not find the root cause of an error from the logs
b. Saw many blog posts that mentioned download issues with the files, but I download the files again and also checked the size of the download file which looked fine, there were some posts mentioned about downloading all the files related to the CU which I had already downloaded to one folder. So that wasn’t the issue in my case.
c. Then I thought of checking all the messages in the Event Viewer, so I went through all messages one by one since the time I started installing the update on the WFE server and found one message which said disk space is low
d. Then I immediately check the disk space on C drive which was the root cause of the issue, the C drive had very low space left, so I cleaned up the C drive and viola, CU got installed successfully on WFE server.

Some farm products and patches were not detected on this or other servers

1. After update got installed on both servers, I restarted both servers and then started product and configuration wizard, and it didn’t start as expected and showed error “Some farm products and patches were not detected on this or other servers”

a. Now to get through this error I followed the below steps
i. Run PowerShell commands

Get-product -Local
(Get-SpServer $env:ComputerName).NeedsUpgrade

ii. Confirmed “True” is returned by both of the commands to continue with running the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard
iii. Ran below timer jobs from central admin site by using the “Run Now” button on the timer job page
1. Product Version Job
2. Product Version Job 3. Though after running these jobs, the last run time did not change for these jobs, so I wasn’t sure if this job actually ran or not

iv. After following the above three steps I got past the error in product and config wizard.
Product and Configuration Wizard failed on step 9
1. Now product and configuration wizard started running on the App server, and it succeeded till step 8 but failed in step 9. I checked the logs but there was no a specific error in the product and config logs, the error was as below
“Microsoft.SharePoint.PostSetupConfiguration.PostSetupConfigurationTaskException: Exception of type ‘Microsoft.SharePoint.PostSetupConfiguration.PostSetupConfigurationTaskException’ was thrown” with no additional details of the error
a. I did a lot of troubleshooting but couldn’t find the root cause of the issue, then I came across the MSDN forum post, where I got some ideas to try and the below fix worked.
b. I ran the Product Config Wizard via PowerShell with below command

psconfig.exe -cmd help collections -install all -cmd secure resources -cmd services -install -cmd install features -cmd application content -install -cmd upgrade -in place b2b -force -wait

i. One important thing to note is when for above command once it reaches 8 out of 9 steps, keep another Management Shell window open and run below commands
1. net start SPTraceV4
2. net start SPWriterV4
3. net start SPAdminV4
4. net start SPSearch4
5. net start SPTimerV4
ii. Only with the above step done, the product config wizard succeeded. So it looks like whenever prod config wizard fails at step 8 or 9 with no additional details of the error and then prod config wizard can be run in this manner.

What to test after applying an update
1. Few things to note to test below things after you apply the update on SharePoint Farm
a. Central Admin site
b. All your SharePoint Sites
c. Whether search is working in the SharePoint
d. Whether the user profile service is working
e. Whether excel service is working fine
f. Any other service application that is used in your farm


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