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Teams Tuesday Meetup March 2021

Content: This session explains the basics of 3D SharePoint spaces and all you need to know to create your own space. It can be challenging to explain a public some complex notions but a 3D Virtual Reality space is so natural that it can be used to easily convey such types of concepts.
With Virtual Reality, you will even be able to interact with many artifacts.

Founder and owner Abalon, Office Apps and Services MVP

Patrick has 20+ years of experience as an Enterprise Solutions Architect. He has a successful track record of technical expertise for Office 365, SharePoint, SQL Server, and Oracle RDBMS. He is a former Microsoft employee in France. He now works for his own company Abalon, created in 2011. Abalon is dedicated to supporting customers on getting real business benefits with Microsoft collaborative platform. He was speaker and organizer of 100+ SharePoint and Office 365 events like SharePoint Saturdays Paris, Monaco, Dubai, Netherlands, Barcelona, Helsinki, European SharePoint Conference, European Collaboration Summit, MS TechDays Paris. He has spoken on the 5 continents.

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