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Support from 3rd party products

Just finishing a K2 Black Point deployment with a client and there’s been a few more issues than I would have originally have liked, but I suppose that’s software. On e of the things I like about the K2 support process, is that they have a pretty extensive knowledge base of issues, questions, tech sheets. This is all stuff that you expect from companies like Microsoft, but when it comes to smaller 3rd party products, the experience is can be totally different.- Un replied emailed, on hold for long periods of time, developers who always put you on hold with the support call….the list goes on.

Most of the support comes from South Africa, which does bring back memories of my time in Zimbabwe/Rhodesia, but the support guys are very direct with their communication and come straight to the point.

This is the hidden cost of software- implementation, configuration and dealing with undocumented issues, which can just eat into an implementations time. This is something that I’ve experienced several times with free downloads, beta software and so called $150 web parts.

K2 have a have a partner support site , which is a really good tracking system, which links into other similar issues that people are experiencing. This does expedite the trouble shooting process, thus saving time and speeding up the deployment.

So when buying web parts, buyer beware.


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