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Shopping for a new phone again

After spending most of Saturday morning surfing the web and wondering around the NJ Short Hill mall in the afternoon-Always amazes me how many parents take their kids to the mail for an entire Saturday afternoon…..A cultural visit of something.

Looking at the new 8800-sized BlackBerry - the Bold, which is due out next month and of course the iPhone 2. So how do they rank ?


  • Processors, screen, wifi, mobile specs are nearly exactly the same. Though the Bold has a twice as fast processor than the previous Curve, Pearl and 8800 - so it feels fast.
  • The iPhone 2 still has the same processor as iPhone 1. And the screens are the same resolution.Memory wise, the Bold has 1gb onboard, and expandable to 16gb.
  • The iPhone has 8gb or 16gb. Realistically, the majority of the iPhone memory will be used as an iPod. Most BlackBerry users don’t yet use their BlackBerries as MP3 players (though this became possible). I guess there's not a 'sync my BlackBerry to iTunes' option.

Of course, the BlackBerry includes full mail/PIM sync with Exchange, whereas the iPhone 2 does full mail/PIM with Exchange and MobileMe (the new name for .mac I think). The MobileMe subscription costs an additional fee.

I wonder if Blackberry will lose their grip on the corporate handheld market….and what is Microsoft doing?


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