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Meta data – Copying a file to a team site

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This blog post is a continuation of a previous blog post: Meta data – Documentation Management in Teams (Might be an idea to read that post to put this post into context) In that blog post I explained the challenge of meta data in Teams and an interface tag data. This post is the code and explanation of the actual meta tagging . Basically, behind the curtain activity.

The GitHub code

This video is the bigger / fully picture of how the code works:

How to have centralized values- Term Store

[video width="1678" height="734" mp4=""][/video]

Behind the sense activity

  • Flow explained
  • Centralized Teams list

[video width="1866" height="782" mp4=""][/video]

How to do the actual deployment

  • App catalog- Getting the package deployed
  • NOTE: gulp package-solution part is missing

[video width="1500" height="736" mp4=""][/video]



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