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Issues in Migrating to Office 365 and Best Practices

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Migrating to Office 365 is not as simple as it sounds, neither it is impossible to achieve. With proper planning, organizations have moved over to office 365, however, mentioned below are the common problems/issues companies face while migrating to Microsoft Office 365.

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Not knowing what Office 365 subscription your company need

Companies cannot just subscribe to Office 365, rather, they should assess the options and select a subscription that best meets their requirements. There are various Office 365 subscriptions, designed to meet the requirements of different types of companies, and the productivity of the company can only be increased once the right subscription is selected and paid for.

Not enough knowledge regarding migration

Most organizations are not sure what type of migration is needed in order to land them safely in office 365 environment, hence, it is very important to decide what type of migration best suits your company’s requirements.

Complexity in Migrating some features

Email migration, once done correctly makes employees feel at home while working in Office 365 environment, however, other offices 365 apps and features like SharePoint Online and OneDrive may trigger changes that are not welcome by the users. Moreover, the permissions hierarchy in SharePoint online could also create a very complex and unwanted scenario.

Best Practices:

  • Use recommended migration tools to smoothly manage migrations
  • Resolve any exchange related issue weeks before migration
  • Keep backup of sensitive data and PST files
  • Go for trial versions of Office 365 Subscription plans before deciding
    to buy one
  • Always complete pre-requisites of migration

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