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Office 365 E5/G5 Government

Target Audience

Purchase / Admin


MS Teams / Azure

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2 minutes

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Office 365 E5 / G5 Government

Office 365 E5 Enterprise




Only for qualified Government bodies

For large organizations / businesses

Maximum number of licenses







Threat Protection



Information Protection

Security Management

Advanced Compliance


Protection Over Extremely Sensitive / Government's data








To conclude, it is safe to say that Office 365 E5 and Office 365 E5 / G5 offers pretty much the same features and services, however, you do not get to buy Government plans by just asking for them.

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Office 365 Government features are made to satisfy exceptional requirements of government organizations / bodies. Office 365 Government plans offer all the features of Office 365 services in a segmented government cloud community, enabling different official organizations to meet U.S. compliance and security standards.



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