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African fraud scam comes to my blog

From my blog.......yeah right!!!


I got your contact in my searching of a good reputation foreign partner to assist me in my late husband properties. My late husband was former district leaders of the diamond city call KENNEMA and an executive member of the Diamond Mining Association in the Republic of Sierra-Leone. He was massacred by the president TEJAN KABBAH force in their struggle to reinstate him back to power, before his death he disclosed to me that he deposited two trunk boxes contain sum of US$18.2 Million in a Security Company in Accra, Ghana, in a neighboring country in West Africa, after all, I had gave the Security Company a call and was confirmed that the boxes are intact. I decide to solicit for your kind assistance to help me and my two children invest these funds on our behalf the sum of US$18.2 Million (and to deposit 20kg of Gold Alleviate in your Bank for us.) in your Business Venture for a long term and pay us monthly on an agreeable terms to be worked out later.

Our lives and future of my two children depends on these funds and as such, I will be grateful if you can assist us. I am seeking your assistance to invest this fund out of Africa for investment purpose. I want you to come on board help clear this money from the deposit company, open an account on your name, and transfer the funds to your designated account in your country. Why I also want you is that my husband specifically put it in his will and advice me that I must consult a foreign partner to assist me to move the funds out of Africa, I think was to save as a check on my part so that I would not loose the money, as this is the only money left for the success of my two children in this generation. What I demanded from you is to assure me the safety of this money when it finally gets to you..

Further information and arrangement will commence as soon as trust, confidence and good relationship is established. I shall be most grateful if you could maintain this high level of confidentiality I repose on you concerning this matter. My health is not in good shape now, because am hypertension patient and I need your help as quick as you can please. Please response as soon as possible so that I can send all the deposition documents to you and you can get in touch with the security company for enquiry on how to proceed on my behalf. Thanks for your personal consideration. Yours Sincerely, MRS. Margaret Chester

I don't thiml I'll be giving up my day job


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