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10 Tips For Managing Millennials In Tech

I always thought that managing a technical team was a rather straightforward process in the sense that your duties as a leader were clearly defined, paralleling those of previous generations. You already understand the processes, the customers and the technology, so you know how to enforce rules, praise successes, as well as discipline or coach when a mistake is made.

While these are still key components in managing a team, there have been some changes to the workplace over the past decade. It’s not just the technology, but the people as well. Yes, I’m referring to the millennials in the workforce we hear so much about.

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There are mixed feelings about the millennial generation. If you haven’t already formed your own opinions, you can easily find other viewpoints. There are those who approve of the empowerment they bring to the workplace, some who hold critical viewpoints of their stereotypical bad habits and still others who offer overviews of some generalized traits possessed by this segment of the workforce.

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